Our research focus addresses the cooperative function of the actin filament generating Spir/formin actin nucleator complex and the force generating myosin V actin motor proteins in cellular membrane transport processes. By studying the coordinated action of actin nucleation and motor protein function we aim to understand the mechanisms and regulation of directional cellular transport processes and their regulation by Rab and Arf small GTPases.

Proteins transported by Spir/formin/MyoV may include cell surface receptors such as adhesion proteins and transmembrane receptors, which are involved in growth factor, cytokine and neurotransmitter signalling.

We study Spir vesicle transport in cell migration, neuronal differentiation and neuronal signalling and employ live cell fluorescence imaging methods and mouse genetics to address the cell biological functions of the proteins of interest. In addition we follow a bottom up approach, where we use purified recombinant proteins to reconstitute Spir/FMN/MyoV functions at biomimetic membranes.


Model of Myosin/Spir/formin cooperation at vesicle membranes